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I’m not a lawyer, a mediator, or psychologist but I can be YOUR ally

My Message

After fighting my way through an utterly devastating divorce and a contentious custody battle, I have experienced first hand the biases in the family law system. I have personally experienced the unjust nature of the legal system when it comes to a man’s fight to protect his assets and be involved in his children’s lives. I have talked to countless other men who have experienced the same battle. I have watched some of these same men persevere and go on to live a life they could have barely imagined while in the midst of their battle. I am determined to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Through my own experience and through the experience of other men, I help pass on knowledge to those fighting the same battle.

I Can Help You…

  • Understand the Divorce or Child Custody Process
  • Understand how having a strategy can save you time, money, and sanity
  • Understand what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting go
  • Get up to speed fast and take control of your divorce

Don’t go into Battle Unprepared


As Founder of The Divorce Warrior I have helped men understand the specific legal issues they will face in their battle. I have helped men develop a strategy and a battle plan to guide them through one of the toughest battles they will ever face.


I have personal first-hand experience with contentious legal battles and I have learned from talking to other men about their cases, specific strategies to gain control and win in the family law arena.


I have developed strategies, resources, and specific advice to help you through divorce as well as help you develop the life you never thought possible when you come out on the other side.


You will hear my story and the stories of other men’s successful transformations. You will hear advice on understanding the specific family law statutes and processes important to your case. I can help you navigate enemy territory with confidence. It is my hope that teaching others will lead to more men protecting what is important to them.

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